Rita Blanca Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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PO Box 1947 –12198 Hwy 87

Dalhart, Texas  79022

806.249.4506 - 800.299.4506

806.249.5620 - fax

Email:  rbec@xit.net


Our goal is to restore your power quickly and safely. Our crews are experts in getting the power back on. As soon as a crew arrives on the scene, it will assess the problem and begin the repair process.

Make sure we know your power is out. To report an outage, call 806.249.4506 or 800.299.4506.  A dispatcher is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please give your meter number to the dispatcher. To avoid long waits to report an outage after hours and on the weekend, your call will be answered by our answering service. When relaying your meter number to the dispatcher or the answering service, please give the numbers that are found on the front of your meter or on your bill.  This allows everyone to know the exact location of the outage.

Please be patient. Especially during weather-related outages, damage can be widespread and repairs may be complex. Our crews will always do their utmost to restore your power in a timely, safe and efficient manner.


Our system doesn’t automatically notify us when your security light goes out.  Please contact the dispatcher so that a service order may be issued for repair.  Your light will be repaired as soon as possible.

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